Business Process Modelling Workshop

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • explain the objectives of process modelling.
  • describe key process model components: functions, processes, events, and external objects.
  • construct an Activity Hierarchy Diagram to document functional decomposition.
  • examine and document activity relationships using dependency analysis and activity dependency diagrams.
  • use process/data interaction analysis techniques such as entity life cycle or process logic analysis.
  • develop concise and precise business specifications for elementary processes.
  • construct Data Flow Diagrams from Activity Dependency Diagrams and the results of interaction analysis.
  • use structured techniques validate and confirm your model.

This course teaches you how to become an effective business process modeller. We will examine business process modelling theory and concepts in detail, and give you extensive examples to demonstrate how to apply them in real-life situations. You'll receive many practical tips and techniques to further deepen your learning experience. You'll also learn techniques for integrating process and data models to validate the completeness of your requirements analysis. With the help of extensive workshop exercises and a detailed case study, you can practise what you learn by building a complete process model from start to finish.

Who should attend?

Business and systems analysts who are responsible for analyzing and modelling business requirements.

Any prerequisites?

You should have a basic understanding of data Modelling concepts. Ideally, you have completed Profience's Data Modelling Workshop course or equivalent training. Previous experience in business requirements analysis is not essential, but would help.

Dates and Fees

3 Days   ? - $ 1,047 (CAD)  ? Up to 3 - $ 2,097 Up to 6 - $ 3,144    ? Plus - $ 524
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What Topics are covered?

  • Information Systems Development and Business Requirements
  • What is a Business Model?
  • What is a Process Model?
Process Model Components
  • Business Activities
  • Function-Process
  • Procedure
  • Elementary Process
Process Modelling Techniques
  • Activity Decomposition
    • Purpose
    • Decomposition vs. Composition
    • Rules
  • Function, Process, and Elementary Process
  • Activity Decomposition Approach
    • Top-Down
    • Bottom-Up
    • Middle Out
  • The Activity Hierarchy Diagram (AHD)
  • Dependency Analysis
    • Purpose
    • Process
  • Activity Dependencies
  • Event
  • External Object
  • Information View
  • The Activity Dependency Diagram (ADD)
Interaction Analysis
  • Life Cycle Analysis
    • Purpose
    • Entity States
    • Entity Type Life Cycle
    • The State Transition Diagram
  • Process Logic Analysis
    • Purpose
    • Data Actions
    • Entity, Relationship, Attribute
    • The Process Logic Diagram
    • Logic Actions
    • Condition, Repetition, Control
    • The Process Action Diagram
Business Model Verification
  • Purpose and Key Deliverables
  • Completeness Checking
  • Correctness Checking
  • Stability Checking
Supplementary Chapter
  • Data Flow Diagrams
    • Purpose
    • DFD Components
    • Constructing Data Flow Diagrams