Software Testing Curriculum


Software testing is many things to many people, but most agree on one point: it is a necessary step in the successful evolution of any software system.

The current pace of technology change is good news for product designers and developers, but as a tester you may be scrambling to keep up. You know that testing is more than just playing with the application. You know that to be really effective, you have to plan and estimate your time, prepare adequate test data, design and execute great tests, and analyze and report on the results. If you worry about any of these, we can help.

We have more than 25 years of experience helping our own clients test applications, and we can show you how to use a mix of formal methods, practical techniques and "good enough" practises to come up with the best solution in each case. We recognize the need for unique testing skills during each phase of a project. Whether you develop and test code, do system and integration testing, or perform acceptance testing as an end-user, there is something here for you, including estimating, risk assessment, test design and more. Check out the list of courses and the road map to see how they meet your requirements.


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