Gathering and Analyzing Business Requirements

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • explain how a Project Charter can serve as a guide to business analysis.
  • describe the purpose and characteristics of a "business requirement."
  • conduct appropriate business analysis activities throughout the development lifecycle.
  • create a requirements document to frame the gathering and analysis of business requirements.
  • identify and document business requirements and rules.
  • perform rudimentary data and process analysis.
  • analyze how processes and data are related.
  • document these process and data relationships using a variety of models.
  • describe the essential elements of a Use Case.
  • create a comprehensive Use Case Framework.
This intensive three-day workshop teaches you the necessary skills to gather, analyze and document business requirements. You learn by developing a Business Requirements Document (BRD) that captures most the information needed to design and test a software solution. The extensive hands-on exercises allow plenty of time to work through new concepts. Our practical, down-to-earth approach leaves you with a concrete understanding of analyzing and documenting great business requirements.
Who should attend?
The course is intended for Business Analysts and those who need to understand and document business requirements as a precursor to solution development and testing.
Any prerequisites?
A general understanding of business computer systems and the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) process is highly recommended.

Dates and Fees

3 Days   ? - $ 1,047 (CAD)  ? Up to 3 - $ 2,097 Up to 6 - $ 3,144    ? Plus - $ 524
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What Topics are covered?

Business Requirements and the Software Development Life Cycle
What is a Requirement?
  • High level vs. Elementary Requirements
  • Functional requirements vs. Design Requirements
The Project Charter Document
  • Purpose and Objectives
  • Vision and Scope
  • Risks
The Business Requirements Document (BRD)
  • Requirements Definition
  • Class/Data Modeling
  • Use Case Framework
  • Use Case Modeling
Gathering Requirements
  • Interviewing
  • Facilitated Sessions
  • Other Techniques
Class/Data Analysis
  • Entity Types and Classes
  • Definitions
  • Relationships/Associations
  • Attributes
  • Notation Schemes
Use Case Framework
  • Business Processes
  • Use Case Framework
  • Elementary Use Case
Use Case Analysis
  • Actors and Triggers
  • Business Results
  • Information Flow
  • Information Processing
Beyond Business Requirements
  • Requirements and Solution Design
  • Requirements and Quality Assurance
  • Requirements and Software Testing