User Acceptance Testing

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • recognize the purpose of user acceptance testing and where it fits within development.
  • take a systematic, repeatable approach to testing.
  • plan, design, prepare, execute and validate user acceptance testing.
  • perform acceptance testing using test modelling, test case design and usability testing techniques.

This course is designed for business users, testers and developers who want to learn how to test applications from the business process perspective. We'll explain how to test requirements and come up with a test strategy. You will use a case study to practise techniques that help you identify what needs to be tested, how to test it, and how to know when you are done.

Who should attend?

Business Users, Business Analysts and Quality Assurance Analysts who are responsible for the User Acceptance and business procedural testing process. If you are a business operations manager or team leader, you'd also benefit from this course, as it would help you understand the complexity of User Acceptance testing.

Any prerequisites?

If you are not already familiar with system development life cycles and testing processes and principles, you should first complete Profience's one-day workshop, Software Testing Essentials.

Dates and Fees

2 Days   ? - $ 737 (CAD)  ? Up to 3 - $ 1,477 Up to 6 - $ 2,214    ? Plus - $ 367
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What Topics are covered?

UAT Concepts
  • User Acceptance Testing within SDLC
  • Static Testing
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Software Testing
  • Responsibilities
  • UAT Team Organization
  • Challenges
Requirements Test
  • Position with SDLC
  • Overview
  • Inputs to Requirements Test
  • Writing Good Requirements
  • Requirements Criteria
  • Use Cases
  • Review Process
  • Outputs from Requirements Test
User Acceptance Test Planning
  • Overview
  • Test Planning Tasks
  • Inputs to Test Plan
  • Creating the Plan
  • Traceability to Requirements
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Reviewing the Plan
Usability Testing
  • What is Usability?
  • Absence of Usability
  • Usability within SDLC
  • Goals of Usability
  • Usability Tests
  • Testing Roles
  • Limitation of Testing
Test Design
  • Overview
  • Test Techniques
  • Matching Tests to Techniques
  • Writing Test Cases
Test Development
  • Test Environment
  • Hardware - Clients, Servers, Networks
  • Software - Licenses
  • Considerations for Web-based Testing
  • Test Databases/Files
  • Verify Test Environment
  • Automated Test Tools
Test Execution/Validation
  • Overview
  • Test Execution
  • Execution Process
  • Test Validation
  • Bug Tracking
  • Testing Progress