Introduction to MVS Mainframe Technology

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • describe a computerized business application and its MVS environment.
  • discuss how MVS manages data and its workload.
  • recognize the major components in a mainframe system and how they interact.
  • understand file structures and how MVS stores and retrieves data.
  • describe a number of tools available on MVS for developing and supporting application systems.

This course provides you with a comprehensive review of the terms, concepts and facilities of the MVS operating environment. We will explain, in clear terms, the concepts of hardware and software. You will also gain a practical understanding of the facilities available in MVS and the functions they provide.

Who should attend?

Entry-level and more advanced programmers, programmer analysts and systems analysts who will be developing new applications or involved in maintaining existing applications under MVS.

Any prerequisites?

You should have an elementary understanding of computers, which may come from an introductory-level data processing or programming class or experience with working with a minicomputer or personal computer (PC).

Dates and Fees

1 Day   ? - $ 397 (CAD)  ? Up to 3 - $ 737 Up to 6 - $ 1,104    ? Plus - $ 187
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What Topics Are Covered?

Applications Environment
  • Mainframe Applications
  • Mainframe Environments
  • People who interact with mainframes
Mainframe Components
  • Central Components
  • I/O Devices
  • Operating Systems
Workload and Resource Management
  • Features
  • Sub-Systems and Facilities
  • Data Organization
  • Data Security
  • Usage Modes
  • Batch Processing
File Systems
  • Mainframe Requirements
  • File Types
  • Record Information
  • File Usage
  • File Access
  • Databases
Teleprocessing Monitors and Tools
  • Development Process
  • Development Tools
  • Application Development
  • Program Execution
  • System Control Tools
  • Operator Tools