Test Planning Part II - Accurate Test Estimation

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • use various techniques to create realistic estimates of testing effort.
  • recognize the pros and cons of different estimating techniques.
  • use at least one automated estimating tool.
  • appreciate the value of accumulating the appropriate, historical testing metrics.
Estimation is one of the biggest headaches IT staff face. They often feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of requirements quality, code quality and the stakeholders' expectations. Add in the fact that very few testers have been formally trained to estimate work effort, time or budget, and you have a sure formula for failure.

This course gives you what you need to replace that uncertainty with confidence as you learn a variety of test estimating techniques. You start with a realistic case study with real requirements and test plans, and use them to practise the techniques you've learned to generate estimates of testing effort.

Who should attend?

Testers, test managers and project managers who need to create accurate and flexible estimates of software testing effort.

Any prerequisites?

You should have a working knowledge of testing techniques and practices. Having 1 or 2 years of experience in test planning and estimating would help.

Dates and Fees

1 Day   ? - $ 397 (CAD)  ? Up to 3 - $ 737 Up to 6 - $ 1,104    ? Plus - $ 187
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What Topics are covered?

Estimating Methods and Approaches
  • Guesstimation
  • Structured Knowledge of past experience
Estimating Scope
  • Lines of Code
  • Functionality
    • Function Points
    • Use Case Points
    • Testing Points
  • Project Portioning
  • Detailed Work Breakdown
    • Work Breakdown Structure
Top-Down Estimation
Bottom-Up Estimation
Estimating Techniques
  • Wideband Delphi
  • Software Project Survival Guide
  • Notes on a Wall