File-AID/MVS Batch

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • perform general functions available in batch mode such as copying, formatted printing and updating.
  • write JCL statements to execute the File-AID batch program.
  • define basic environment conditions during execution.
  • provide selection criteria when performing batch functions.
  • provide record count limits on datasets being processed.
  • request statistics from File-AID.
  • request special processing for JCL files.
  • perform multiple actions against the same file.

Explore the general functions and features of File-Aid that execute in batch mode. You will learn how data can be extracted, modified and manipulated when developing, testing and maintaining applications, using batch-driven software incorporated within a JCL jobstream.

Who should attend?

Application programmers, data administrators, system analysts, business analysts, end users and testers.

Any prerequisites?

You must already have working knowledge of ISPF/PDF, MVS concepts and file types and JCL. You should also be familiar with COBOL or PL/1 programming languages.

Dates and Fees

2 Days   ? - $ 737 (CAD)  ? Up to 3 - $ 1,477 Up to 6 - $ 2,214    ? Plus - $ 367
Sorry, no classes are currently scheduled, please contact us to request a class

What Topics are covered?

General Description
  • Overview
  • Online features
  • Batch features
  • When to select batch
  • Execution JCL
  • Control information
Basic Functions
  • Capabilities
  • COPY
  • DROP
  • DUMP
  • LIST
Selection Criteria Parameters
  • Parameter format
  • Selection usage
  • Location Element
  • Length Element
  • Operator Element
  • Data Element
  • DUMP Parameter
Additional Parameters
  • IN Parameter
  • OUT Parameter
  • SELECT Parameter
  • STOP Parameter
  • PRINT Parameter
  • MOVE Parameter
  • PADCHAR Parameter
  • ACCUM Parameter
  • SYSTOTAL Parameter
  • Update Parameter
Special Processing
  • JCL Format
  • Multiple Pass Processing
  • Record Counts
The User Function
  • Description
  • Example
  • ELSE Parameter
  • READNEXT Parameter
  • DFLT_WRITE Parameter
Formatted Prints
  • Formatted Mode
  • Vertical Mode