File-AID/MVS Online

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • edit and browse data sets using the formatted, vertical and character mode.
  • edit and browse data sets using multiple record layouts.
  • create, delete, and access data sets using the different file organizations available in MVS.
  • set file conversion and selection capabilities to easily create test data sets.
  • perform global operations on entire partitioned data sets or selected members within partitioned data sets.
  • print the content of data sets applying formatting options and file layout.
Get the skills you need to use File-Aid at its full potential. Learn how to easily extract and modify data for application development, testing, and maintenance. You'll learn about browsing and editing data in different modes, file comparison techniques used during regression testing, file conversion, global search, extensive utilities and printing capabilities.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for entry level or experienced application programmers, data administrators, data managers, system analysts, business analysts and testers.

Any prerequisites?

You will need a working knowledge of ISPF/PDF and be familiar with MVS JCL and either COBOL or PL/I programming language.

Dates and Fees

3 Days   ? - $ 1,047 (CAD)  ? Up to 3 - $ 2,097 Up to 6 - $ 3,144    ? Plus - $ 524
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What Topics Are Covered?

File-AID Basics
  • What is File-AID?
  • What can I use it for?
  • Features
  • Functions
  • Accessing File-AID
  • General Screen Features
  • Setting Defaults
  • Specifying a Data Set Name
File-AID Record Layout
  • What is the File-AID Record Layout?
  • Accessing File-AID Record Layout
Applying File-AID Record Layout
  • Standard usage
  • Data set specification
  • Specifying view mode
  • Scrolling within a file
  • Changing view mode
  • Customizing the record layout
  • SHOW Command
  • Filtering fields from Display
  • DISPLAY Command
  • Additional Filtering Commands
Primary Commands
  • ISPF Similarities
  • EXCLUDE Primary Command
  • FIND Primary Command
  • CHANGE Primary Command
  • DELETE Primary Command
  • INSERT Primary Command
  • INIT Primary Command
  • REBUILD Primary Command
  • REPEAT Primary Command
  • SORT Primary Command
  • More on Field Names
Line Commands
  • ISPF Similarities
  • ISPF Differences
  • FIRST Line Command
  • LAST Line Command
  • SHOW Line Command
  • Advanced Line Command
Additional Commands
  • Profile Commands
  • PAD Primary Command
  • COPY Primary Command
  • MERGE Primary Command
  • Printing Formatted Records
  • Printing Vertical Formatted Records
  • Key Primary Command
Selection Criteria
  • Creating selection criteria
  • Navigating between selection screens
  • Identifying the dataset
  • Identifying member where selection is saved
  • Choosing how to specify selection criteria
  • Specifying selection criteria
  • View selection criteria
  • Requesting selection criteria
Record Layout Cross Reference
  • Cross Reference usage
  • Creating Record Layout cross reference
  • Identifying the XREF Dataset
  • Defining the XREF
  • Establishing when to select Record Layout
  • View XREF Definition
  • Selecting XREF during processing
  • Reformat process
  • Requesting reformat option
  • Specifying record layouts
  • Describing the reformat process
  • Executing the reformat
  • Checking reformat results
Search and Update Members
  • File-AID Extended Utilities
  • Usage of Search/Update Utility
  • Member List Processing Features
  • Requesting to Process PDS
  • Scanning PDS Members in JCL Format
  • Scanning PDS Members without JCL Format
  • Scanning PDS with Selection Criteria
  • Changing PDS Members in JCL Format
Global Browse
  • Global Browse of a PDS
  • Global Browse of a non-PDS
Global Search and Update
  • Global Update of PDS
  • Global Update of non-PDS
Print Option
  • Requesting to Print File-Aid Reports
  • Selecting Specific File-Aid Report
  • Printing the Content of a Dataset
  • Printing Formatted Records
  • Printing an XREF Definition
  • Printing a Selection Criteria Definition
  • Printing a Record Layout